About Happy Spaces!

I have always had a passion for organizing although I didn't always know it. Over the years through work and with family and friends, I have helped many individuals and businesses pack up, sort out, discard and organize their work and home spaces. I have taken charge of the chaos and turned it into something organized, simple and more productive.


My passion for organizing started at a very young age. It was not long before I realized that an organized home was a happy home. My first job was as a secretary to several top managers. I loved it, someone else wanted me to keep them organized! My skills evolved and my responsibilities increased. Over the years my talents have been used in a variety of ways. I have been responsible or part of a team responsible for organizing areas, data, people, projects, processes and events. I've been a part of mergers, spin-offs, office relocations and reorganizations.


What I have learned from all of my experiences is that I love helping people get from, what they considered to be, an unmanageable mess to an organizational masterpiece.


No matter how disorganized things may seem, I am confident together we can assess, strategize and implement the solutions that work for you, your family or office.


Cristin Nicholls

Insured, bonded and a member of Professional Organizers in Canada.