Residential Services

Our homes are our sanctuaries, but constant clutter and disorganization can be major stressors in our lives. Since we are all unique we need to have our spaces organized to suit our own personal needs and style. We will identify your unique needs and create happy spaces that work for you, your family and your home.


I am available to help you with:

  • Home Transitions - reducing the stress of life transitions - marriage, divorce, relocation, new baby, combining homes

  • Room Reorganization - any room can be transformed to better suit your life style needs – room and space planning for kitchens, multi-purpose rooms

  • Maximizing Spaces - de-cluttering closets, pantries, craft and play rooms

  • Wardrobe Streamlining - de-cluttering closets and dressers - making bedrooms a place of relaxation

  • Reorganizing Storage Spaces - garages, storage rooms, basements and attics - transforming storage rooms back into usable "living" spaces

  • Moving - packing, unpacking and staging - preparing your home for sale

  • Home Office


Organization Other Specialty Services

  • Transition Specialist for Seniors - helping seniors organize their treasures, explore relocation options, downsize their homes, and manage the details of their move.